Friday, 25 June 2010

Khrys - Questions & Answers

Name: Khrys

Age: 15.5 :)

When did you begin to read?:Always been a reader from young, but went off reading for around a decade where i only read the harry potter books and then started to read again after reading the Twilight Saga.

What books or books got you into reading?: Twilight,Harry Potter & A series of unfortunate Events.

What genre/s do you enjoy to read?: YA Supernatural Books Mostly, But recently trying to go off that genre, and trying out other genre's. I love Historical Fiction and just General Teen books that have go through real life situations.

5 Favourite Books? In no particular order

  1. Tempted By P C & Kristen Cast

  2. Spirit Bound By Richelle Mead
3. City Of Bones By Cassandra Clare
4. Pretty Little Liars By Sara Shepherd
5. Sisters Red By Jackson Pearce

  1. 5 Favourite Series? In no particular order

    1. House Of Night By P C & Kristen Cast
    2. Vampire Acadamy By Richelle Mead
    3. Luxe Novels By Anna Godbersen
    4. Mortal Instruments By Cassanndra Clare
    5. Blue Bloods By Melissa De La Cruz

      How many books do you plan to read for your 2010 book challenge? 50

      How many books have you read so far? 39

      What has been your favourite book of this year? Spirit Bound By Richelle Mead

      What has been your least favourite book of this year? Wake By Lisa McMann

      What book are you most looking forward to coming out this year? ClockWork Angel By Cassandra Clare. Last Sacrifice By Richelle Mead. Cresendo By Becca Fitzpatrick. Torment By Lauren Kate

      Do you write? I love writing stories for fun, i personally think i have an amasing imagination :P

      Least Favourite Character? Bella Swan From The Twilight Saga. So Weak, winey and boring, always has people to protect her and not protecting anyone herself. HOW SELFISH.

      Most favourite Character? Tie Between Female Characters - Stevie Ray from House of Night and Rose Hathaway from Vampire Acadamy. Both strong loving characters. Favourite Male Character - Adrian From Vampire Acadamy, Amasingly Epic, Funny and Right for Rose.

      What book world would you love to live in? Harry potter world, i would love to go to Hogwarts would be pretty Epic. Hardly any killing unlike vampiric worlds lol. I would so go and take the piss out of Voldemort HAHA.

      Favourite Film/s? Twilight Saga, Time Travelers wife, The Notebook, Jennifers Body, Harry Potter Movies.

      Favourite TV Shows? True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, The OC, Gossip Girl, Charmed, Hex, Buffy, Angel, Smallville, Supernatural.

      Book You Most Want To See As A Film?: House Of Night, is meant to become film for 2011, script has been written and hopefully actors will suit the characters. But i would love the vampire acadamy series to be in movie, that would be Sweet.

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